HONOLULU (AP) - A 91-year-old Native Hawaiian heiress is fighting her former lawyer over control of her $215 million fortune.

Many Native Hawaiians consider Abigail Kawananakoa to be the last Hawaiian princess, a tenuous link to when Hawaii was ruled by a royal family.

Her longtime lawyer persuaded a judge to appoint him as trustee, arguing a stroke over the summer left the heiress impaired. She claims she's fine, and has since fired that lawyer and married her girlfriend of 20 years.

Among her pet causes has been paying the electricity bill for Iolani Palace, where Hawaii's royals once lived. Iolani Palace Executive Director Kippen de Alba Chu says that since the court battle began, the electricity payments have stopped. Palace officials have had to find other ways to keep the lights on.

A court hearing for the case is tentatively scheduled for Feb. 8.