The city unveiled its first fully electric bus on Tuesday that will be tested in a six-week pilot project.

The bus is on loan from Proterra Inc., and will be put through the paces on 23-different Oahu routes.

The electric bus can carry more than 70 passengers and gets the equivalent of 26 miles per gallon compared to regular diesel buses which get four.

The company loaning Honolulu the bus says it can run a long time before it needs to get plugged back in.

“We took a bus just like this one and drove over 600 miles between charges.  We took another one and drove 1,100 miles.  It took us three days to run it out of energy.” Explained chief commercial officer for Proterra Incorporated, Matt Horton. “But probably one of the most important things for everybody here is the buses are clean and quiet.”

Officials say the bus isn't too quiet to the point of danger, but the project will consider adding white noise to make sure people hear it coming.

37-drivers will be trained to drive the new bus.

Mayor Caldwell hopes to transition Honolulu’s ground fleet to entirely renewable energy sources by 2035.

By 2045, All counties pledged to have 100-percent renewable ground transportation for both public and private vehicles.