HONOLULU - Island News recognizes local charities with a spirit of Aloha. Every Monday, we say Mahalo to the people who make a difference in our community.

This week, our Maleko McDonnell shows us, it's crunch time for the people behind the Great Aloha Run.

On Presidents Day, an estimated 20,000 participants will run, walk or roll from Aloha Tower to Aloha Stadium for the 34th annual Great Aloha Run.

This year, Carole Kai Charities set a target to distribute more than $350,000 to programs across the state.

"It's been a journey because we get to know that the monies that we raise stay in Hawaii and go to benefit organizations in Hawaii," Kai said. 

"The beauty about the great aloha run is they do not need to go through multiple channels to award funds to the community. They have a great supportive board that will immediately come to the need of any non profit that is serving the people of Hawaii," Claire Rochon, Carole Kai Charities Great Aloha Run said. 

Carole Kai Charities donates to 50 different charities, military programs and community projects

One of those programs is a learning center for Kupuna who want to learn to use computers.

Each summer, seniors can sign up to learn computing from their peers. Yes, seniors teaching seniors. 

Learning to use the mouse, touch screens and more in a stress free environment.

Some of those students are volunteering to enter personal information for the race.

While others taught Maleko the daunting task of putting together safety pins, every entrant gets a set hand-made by volunteers.

On this Mahalo Monday, Island News is serving lunch. Thanks to our friends at Bite Squad and Jack in The Box, the volunteers can take a break.

"Jack in the Box partnered up with Bite Squad and this is part of our Jack Gives Back campaign. Basically we want to give back to the community. We want to make busy lives easier," Tristin Vincent, Jack in The Box said. 

Serving up the grinds to those who spend so much time serving others.

Runners who want to be a part of the Great Aloha Run can still register through February 4 at greataloharun.com