HONOLULU - Hot tempers over new iced coffee - because of the name and the logo. This is the beverage in question.

The name is King Kameha Iced Coffee. His full name is Kamehameha, and shortening his name is offensive to many in Hawaii and in the Native Hawaiian community.

The other issue many have criticized on social media is the use of Kamehameha's image in the logo. Kaneohe resident Kamaka Pili reached out to the coffeemaker and asked him politely to correct this.

"This issue of cultural insensitivity and exploitation is a hot topic right now. When this came out last night it was like, 'This is very bothersome," explains Pili.       He says it was a friendly conversation and the owner, Troy Woodrow, was apologetic and cooperative.

We reached out to Woodrow for comment but haven't heard back yet.