HONOLULU - Alexander & Baldwin announced a plan on Friday to keep all 17 monkeypod trees at Manoa Marketplace.

A&B says it will install new, or expand existing, planters around most of the trees to contain root growth.  The parking lot will also be repaved to address safety concerns.

A&B says some of the monkeypod trees were not planted appropriately when the shopping center was built in the mid-1970s. As a result, the aggressive root systems of those trees have broken through the pavement, making the area potentially dangerous to pedestrians.

A monkeypod tree near the Woodlawn Drive entrance will be relocated near Manoa Stream because the tree's roots are blocking a primary drain that collects water runoff from the parking lot.

“We’re a local company and we take our commitment to our local communities very seriously. It is important to us to balance preserving the character of Manoa Marketplace and addressing these safety concerns,” said Chris Benjamin, A&B president and CEO.  “We want to thank everyone who took the time to share their concerns and ideas. Throughout this process, it was clear that we all share the same goal of ensuring a safe, comfortable environment for everyone who enjoys Manoa Marketplace."

A&B also will be upgrading the air conditioning systems this year to improve performance and energy efficiency, and will make extensive repairs to the center's roofs.