HONOLULU (AP) - The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency says it is taking formal action against death threats made to its employees after Saturday's false missile warning.

"While we take any threat to our workers seriously, we have also sought to avoid escalating the situation. We are in the process of collecting and cataloguing the threats, and will present them to the Honolulu Police Department shortly for formal action," said HI-EMA Public Information Officer Richard Rapoza.

"Saturday’s false alarm encouraged many people to examine some aspects of their lives and values. We can all hope that those who feel that the best use of their time after such an event is to threaten the lives of others will reconsider their priorities," said Rapoza.

Gov. David Ige outlined on Monday the changes that will take place to prevent a mistake, like the one on Saturday, from ever happening again.  Gov. Ige maintains that it was human error to blame.