HONOLULU - Doug Chin announced Sunday that he is leaving his Attorney General post to concentrate on his campaign for the First Congressional district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In a prepared press statement, Chin said "In three years as Attorney General, I prosecuted public corruption, got justice for victims of consumer fraud and sexual violence, fought for the civil rights of the LGBT community, and defended women's access to reproductive healthcare. And I challenged the Trump administration on every illegal, unconstitutional action that harmed Hawai'i and threatened our nation's values."

Chin will resign from his post on March 15. Afterwards, a committee of career deputy attorneys general led by the chief deputy will evaluate new litigation, investigations, prosecutions, and settlements previously handled by Chin.

Rep. Kaniela Ing, who is running for the same seat in Congress, released the following statement:

I’m glad the AG has decided to step down, and I welcome his decision. However, he should have planned ahead and stepped down immediately upon his announcement to run for Congress. From now until March, he will be soliciting campaign donations, while investigating crime and authorizing state contracts.

Meanwhile, he has already given a free pass to a SuperPAC currently under FBI investigation, ignored allegations of human trafficking by a Hawaii longline vessel, and has reauthorized a contract to outsource our inmates to a private prison in Arizona. It will be interesting to see how much money these interests--all big-dollar federal donors--contribute to him once it is made public.

My campaign stands alone in this race, because I reject all contributions from corporations and their DC lobbyists. That’s how people know I won’t sell out. I want to restore trust in Government and break the machine that controls Hawaii politics. Over 1,500 individual, small-dollar donors have already joined our campaign, and we are forging a new way forward.