A former death row inmate and an Army Sergeant both pleaded not guilty in court on Friday, on sex trafficking charges.

28-year-old Isaiah McCoy and 35-year-old Tawana Roberts are accused of trying to force another woman into prostitution, according to court documents. Sources told Island News McCoy and Roberts are husband and wife.

Honolulu Police report the couple was arrested on Wednesday at the Double-Tree hotel in Waikiki on promoting prostitution charges.

Roberts is an active Army Sergeant currently assigned to the 25th Sustainment Brigade in Schofield Barracks, according to army officials. McCoy, a former death row inmate in Delaware, was freed nearly a year ago after a retrial.

Then months later, in September 2017, he wound up getting arrested in Waikiki after a deadly shooting outside "Club Alley Cats." McCoy wasn't the murder suspect, but was in the same apartment as the accused killer, and police picked him up on unrelated charges.

McCoy and Roberts are being held at the Federal Detention Center. Their next court date is set for January 10th.