If you are looking to make a more local impact with your texts, then "Cheeeehuuu!," make way for Pidginmojis, expressing how you feel island-style.
It launched it as an iPhone app earlier this year, then expanded it into one that can be used on Android and multiple platforms as well. 

Along with popular pidgin sayings like "try wait" and "da kine," the app also has holiday themes including Christmas and New Year's. 

Pidginmoji was started by a pair of brothers from Hawaii, Ka'ohele Carlos and Kamalu Almeida. "We grew up on the North Shore," said Carlos, "and this was a way to connect to my brother who still lives there, solely through text and mainly with pidgin, so this was a fun way to add to that."

Along with plenty of pidgin sayings, the app has also partnered up with various brands, creating Pidginmojis for them as well. 

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