KAHALU`U, Hawaii - Plans to build "Dome Homes" for homeless people in Windward O'ahu are just waiting for a building permit from the city.  Frustrated community members voiced major concerns at a Kahaluu board meeting on Tuesday.

“It’s being pushed upon us. This isn’t OK,” voiced a community member at the meeting.

The First Assembly of God says 12 domes would go on church property, and would house a total of 45 single women and their children.  Prospective candidates would be vetted by the institute for human services, and would have to be drug and alcohol free.

Pastor at the First Assembly of God Church, Daniel Kaneshiro says the project has been presented multiple times to the Kahaluu neighborhood board for community input since May 2017.  He's trying to address the neighbors' issues such as noise levels.

“There’s an 8 o’clock curfew.  We’d like to have the kids and their families in their domes.  We’ll work with the community and the direct neighbors as far as noise issues,”  said Kaneshiro.

The project would also include around the clock security, making some advocates of the plan.

“I’m for the idea because it is important to take care of impoverished women and children.”  Said neighbor Stacy Sterenberg.

Concerned neighbor Polly Yamamoto says there's nothing separating her house from the church. She worries about safety, sewer, parking, and the potentially big issue of rubbish.

“I have major concerns.  Trash collection by the city and county for 50 people?  They already use two to four trash cans for church production every weekend.  That’s just the church.  How many trash cans am I going to expect on the sidewalk now with 50 people?”  explained Yamamoto.

The next board meeting will be held Jan. 10.  The Department of Planning and Permitting will have to make a decision by the end of next month.