HONOLULU - From immigration to preserving the independence of the consumer financial protection bureau, it's clear that Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin and President Donald Trump don't always see eye-to-eye. 

Chin told Island News, their differences became obvious when they met during at the Attorney General conference in Washington. 

"I raised my hand during the Q and A and asked President Trump what was your thinking in passing this travel ban, and what are you trying to accomplish, and I'll never forget what he said, he looked at me and he said "frankly, my priorities are not your priorities"," Chin said. 

For Chin, this planted the seed and now, he's running for congress, hoping to replace Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa who is running for governor. 

"If I'm fortunate enough to be elected, I actually feel like I would have a unique perspective that I could bring to Washington DC that very few members of congress would have," Chin said. 

Despite a long career as a public servant, this is Chin's first time seeking public office.

After Chin's announcement, State Representative Kaniela Ing, another candidate for congress, offered some fighting words. 

"He was a corporate lawyer representing big banks for wall street, he was against bail reform, these are all things that are really important to me and I think most democratic voters," Ing said. 

Governor David Ige said Chin will keep his job during his run for congress.

"I am certain that he is aware of the prohibition of campaigning using state resources and state time, and I know that he will follow the law," Ige said. 

Chin says he's committed to his job serving as Attorney General and will only campaign when he's off the clock.
"I feel like I have a proven track record of really standing up to this President and being effective and stopping many of the things President Trump has tried to do," Chin said.   

Aside from Chin and Ing, long-time Senator Donna Mercado Kim is also running for congress.