HONOLULU - As Honolulu Police Officers responded to the crash on King Street and Ward Avenue Tuesday morning, witnesses still remember the sound of sirens.

"When I heard the ambulance, I was half a block away," said Martha Torney, a witness, "and I turned around and the ambulance pulled behind the police car." 

Emergency Medical Service officials say a 65-year-old man was taken to a nearby trauma center in serious condition. 

"I'm more cautious on days like this, I wouldn't say I feel less safe, I'm just more cautious," said Torney. 

Honolulu Police say the crash happened when an on-duty officer was headed out to a call, then struck a pedestrian. 

"There needs to be more control of the traffic," said Randall Chang, who lives near the crash site. 

Police would not say if the pedestrian was walking in a marked crosswalk, but the lines are fading at the crosswalks on King and Ward. 

"People are too lazy to walk in to the intersection, and use the traffic light to cross the street," said Chang.   

Many pedestrians on King Street say jaywalking is a big problem, but so are drivers.

"Everyone drives too fast, they should slow down, they should pay more attention, there needs to be more enforcement of the traffic rules, in addition-- the pedestrians need to be more careful," said Chang.  

Tuesday's crash marks the second time an HPD officer struck a pedestrian over the last two weeks. On December 4th, another officer struck a man who ran onto the H1 Freeway. 

Despite the recent officer involved crashes, pedestrians Island News spoke with say they don't blame the men behind the wheel. 

"Everyone should be more careful," said Torney.  

Honolulu Police say they do not believe speed, alcohol, or drugs were factors in Tuesday's crash.