HONOLULU - Attorney General Doug Chin announced Wednesday that his office’s investigation into the assault of 17-month-old toddler, Peyton Valiente, which resulted in serious injuries to the child, has ended for now without criminal charges.

Peyton reportedly was violently shaken while under the care of an individual in a household with multiple possible suspects. The Honolulu Police Department conducted the initial investigation and assisted with follow-up work after it referred the case to the Attorney General’s office.

Some of that work included obtaining cell phone records, analyzing the cell phone, and interviewing witnesses. The Attorney General took the unusual step of convening an investigative Oahu grand jury this year, but even though multiple witnesses in the household were summoned to testify before the grand jury, the process did not result in the identity of a specific suspect.

Attorney General Chin says, “I appreciate the trust and confidence placed in my office by the Honolulu Police Department when they asked us to review this case, and we appreciate their assistance and cooperation in completing our investigation. It was difficult to have to break the news to the parents, Chelsea and Rey Valiente, that our findings did not result in charges against a perpetrator. Despite the outcome, we hope they receive some comfort by the renewed efforts to identify Peyton’s assailant and bring that person to justice.”