Just in time for the holidays, TheBus Route 2 from Kalihi to Waikiki will start running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And so far, the response has been positive.
"Its better because everyone in the community can go to work even if they have the night shift," said Vince Raquino, a Kalihi resident.

Route 2 is one of the busiest bus routes in the nation and serves one of the most populated parts of urban Honolulu. There are over 93,000 residents and 103,000 jobs within a quarter mile of Route 2's bus stops. This is great news for people who work the graveyard shift, including Raquino's father depends on the bus to get to work. 

"This is good for them because my dad actually has to get to work around 10, so he has to get the bus around then," Raquino said. 

Much of Waikiki's workforce that caters to the growing tourism needs lives near neighborhoods served by route 2, including Kalihi, Chinatown, Downtown, Makiki, Pawaa and Kapahulu. And Route 2's extended hours will also benefit those who like to play along the along the popular route as well.
"It sounds awesome to me. If you go out partying and get drunk you can just take the bus instead of driving home drunk," said bus passenger Jordan Wong.

For more info you can go to www.thebus.org.