HONOLULU - Christmas trees might hit you harder in your wallet this holiday season.  Plus, this trend could last for several more years.

This is according to a business insider who also told Island News there are two factors contributing to bumps in prices -- higher shipping costs and a slump in production.

Longtime Christmas tree vendor Richard Tajiri has more than 4,000 trees this year.  Last year, he had 4,500.  He says we're in a slump.  A shortage of trees from Washington State will likely last for the next several years until a new supply of trees are ready to harvest.

Tajiri says there's been a shortage of noble firs but is offsetting the loss with other tree type like Nordmann, Frasier, and Douglas fir.

Tajiri says this is the first time in 15 years he had to raise prices because of the increase in shipping costs both by ground and by boat.  He'll be selling trees seven days a week until it runs out.  He says Dec. 12 is typically the last day to get a tree.  Last year, he sold out by Dec. 5.