HANAPEPE, Hawaii - New video released by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) gives a better view of what happened when a Skydive Kauai plane crashed while leaving Port Allen Airport in Hanapepe. 

Video from a security camera about one mile from the airport shows the plane taking a nosedive, before bursting into flames.

The crash happened on May 23, 2016.

An NTSB report said the pilot lost control in flight, which forced the plane to go down just outside the airport perimeter fence. 

"Most forced landings after an engine failure are successful," said Peter Forman, an aviation expert, "but if a pilot attempts to return to the airport, he is pushing the very limits of the airplane's capabilities, and that is a recipe for losing control of the airplane, which happened in this case apparently."

The pilot and all four people on board died in the crash.  

The pilot, Damien Horan, of Waimea, was killed along with brothers Marshall and Phillip Cabe of Lawton, Oklahoma, and Skydive Hawaii instructors Enzo Amitrano and Wayne Rose.