Randall Saito's escape started in a cab and three days later, it ended in one too. A tip from the Yellow Cab Company in Stockton California led to Saito's arrest Wednesday morning near a local gas station.
Sheriffs swarmed the cab the 59-year-old was riding in.
One driver had given Saito a ride to California Inn Tuesday night, only to later realize he was the wanted man being shown on TV.

"She took him last night to Walmart to buy a cell phone and took him back to the hotel," said Joe Martin from Yellow Cab Company.

 By the time the company was alerted Saito had already caught another taxi bound for Reno Wednesday morning.

Dispatch warned the cabbie and contacted sheriffs.

"I sent him a picture. He said it really didn't look like him. 15 minutes later he's asking how much it costs to go to Reno, Nevada and that was the last that we heard from our driver," said Martin.

Stockton residents are relieved Saito is in custody.

"Fortunately he's off the streets and not in California or in Stockton," said Ernest Giannecchini.

Court records show some of Saito's family members live in the area. There's no confirmation if he met up with any family or why he was headed to Nevada.   

Saito's fled from Hawaii State Hospital Sunday morning. Charley's Taxi picked him up at Kane'ohe District Park.
He told the driver to take him to Lagoon Drive. That's where he caught a private plane bound for Maui and then another flight to California.

Saito was committed to the state hospital in 1981 after killing a woman at Ala Moana Center.

He was acquitted of the 1979 murder of Sandra Yamashiro, based on mental disease or disorder, and committed to the state hospital.

Saito has been charged with escape in the second degree, a class C felony with a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Escape in the first degree requires use of force and was not charged in this case. The charge is considered an allegation of wrongdoing, and Saito is presumed innocent unless and until he is found guilty of the charge beyond a reasonable doubt.

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