HONOLULU - KITV Island News and Good Morning Hawaii are giving local keiki a chance to show off their forecasting skills on television by becoming an Island News “Keikicaster”.  Every Friday, youngsters will have an opportunity to shadow a weekday morning weather anchor and present a weather report on Good Morning Hawaii.  We are looking for enthusiastic and energetic keiki from 6-12 years of age who are excited about weather and being on LIVE television!

To be considered a KITV4 Keikicaster please submit a short audition video of your child giving a quick weather report.  Video quality, video length, and weather accuracy are not important.  We just want to see how your child does on camera. 

Please email or send a link of the audition video along with the Keikicaster form to morningmail@kitv.com  Subject: Keikicaster 


Aloha, I’m _________(name)__________________.  I am ____(Age)________, and I attend ___________(school)______________________. 

The reason I want to be a KITV4 Island News Keikicaster is ______________________________________________________.

Here is what today’s weather looks like ________________________.

Thanks for watching Good Morning Hawaii…Back to you!

If you have any questions please email morningmail@kitv.com  or contact Yostina Banoub – Producer at ybanoub@kitv.com or Jordan Segundo – Weather Anchor at jsegundo@kitv.com.