HONOLULU - Within the hustle and bustle of town... rests a cemetery right between two buildings.

Inside, you'll see gravestone upon gravestone. If you're lucky, you might see a little girl dressed in white.

Local Paranormal expert, Lopaka Kapanui, heard stories from those who claim to see her.

"People always say daytime and night, they see her ghost mainly in that corner," Kapanui said.

You can see a white light in a photo Kapanui shared with us.

He says a little girl once lived on Oahu and explained the child was adopted by a Portuguese family who'd constantly remind her - she's not of their blood.

As the story goes, a witch doctor once told the family, three spirits living under their home didn't approve of the treatment and decided to take the child away.

No one knows for sure where she was buried but some believe it's at the King Street Catholic Cemetery. 

Another spot where you might see the little girl, just might be where KITV's building sits.

Kapanui says residents at One Archer Lane have reportedly crossed paths with the child.

"They've seen her in the parking lot, they've encountered her in the elevator, and sometimes residents see her walking down the hallway," Kapanui said.

He also claims a city bus stop was removed after too many complaints of paranormal activity.

"When the old bus shack used to be outside the fence of the cemetery, people would call the bus company and complain that while they're waiting for the bus, they would hear their names called from the cemetery," Kapanui said.

Lisa Chau has a similar story, she works for Family Programs Hawaii - one floor below KITV's studio.

Chau thought her co-worker called her name but she was wrong.

"As I was approaching the door, I heard my name again and so I turned around and said 'yes' and she said 'I didn't call your name'. I said 'yes you did', she said 'no I didn't, I didn't call your name.' I was really scared, I was like what the heck."

There was no one else around...so she thought.