Big Island Mayor Harry Kim is leading a group to establish a living monument on Mauna Kea. 

Governor Ige tapped on Kim to come up with ideas to create a symbol of peace on the mountain.

When Mayor Kim took office in December, he proposed the idea of a peace park. 

But TMT protestors expressed disapproval of the park, fearing further development would desecrate the mountain. 

"It's more than just an observatory, we really believe that it can be a monument to peace. To resolving differences, to seeing how we can as a community work together to accomplish great things," Ige said. 

"It has to be done the right way. I believe Mauna kea is a gift to the world and I told this to some people who are against the scope," Kim said. 

Ige says the proposed project is in the planning process.

No budget has been set yet.