President Donald Trump is scheduled to stop on Oahu this week, before beginning a two-week trip to Asia. He will travel to Japan, the Republic of Korea, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Hawaii, from November 3-14, 2017. 

"I'm not a big fan," a resident said. 

"All I'm worried about is the traffic that it'll cause," added Kailua resident Kaleo Kia.

"I think he got to go to every state and I think he ought to be welcome here," said Honolulu resident Tim Robert.

The President will head to a state where he received just 29-percent of the votes in the general election--- Trump's lowest percentage of support in the nation. But Hawaii still has some supporters, like Nathan Paikai, ready to welcome him with open arms and Aloha. 

"I'm so overwhelmed and overjoyed that my president is coming to our beautiful place called Hawaii," Paikai said. 

Paikai says he's been waiting nine months for the president to come to the Aloha state, and hopes he will make time to meet with local Republicans.

"I am hoping and trusting that I get to shake the hand of my president Donald John Trump," he said.

While in Hawaii, president Donald Trump will visit the USS Arizona Memorial and receive a briefing from the US Pacific Command. Trump supporters, including Paikai, say they hope this visit will change the mind of those opposed to the President. 

"For those of you that.. not voted for him.. 'Hey, give the guy a chance,'" Paikai added.

But several local groups hope to send a different message to the commander and chief, including Hawaii J20, which formed on January 20th to protest Trump taking office. 

"Our fundamental message is that Donald Trump and his entire administration needs to go," Jan Dickey with J20 said. "People here are just fired up that fact he's setting foot on Oahu."

According to Dickey, Hawaii J20 is organizing a rally on Friday, November 3rd to speak out against the President and "celebrate' Hawaii's success in blocking Trump's travel bans,  

"We're thinking of it as a pep rally actually.. because we are really proud of the fact that his Muslim bans have been knocked down three times through the year.. so the theme of this rally is Hawaii-3.. Trump-0," Dickey added.

The rally is scheduled to take place in front of the State Capitol from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Following his stop in Hawaii on Friday, the White House says President Trump will start his visit to Asia -- beginning with Japan-- on November 5th.