KAKAAKO, Hawaii - Welcome to the Kakaako Boxing Club.

Modest, unsung, but in some cases, a true life-changer.

"I started coming here and boxing. My coach George and his brother Masa were running the place. We were one of those kids who didn't have anything. They gave us everything, didn't charge us anything. Gave us free gloves, free wraps and when we took trips, they paid for everything,” Rod Quiton, Kakaako Boxing Club said.

Quiton runs the place. He’s the coach, the mentor, the man and he's playing it forward.

“My coach gave me my first gloves. I still have them. It’s been 30 years, I still have their gloves. So, I buy the gloves and give it to the kids say this is yours. I want them to learn that something is given to them, take care of it. So that builds character,” Quiton said.

When club founders Masa Nakaoka and his brother George decided to close the gym, Quiton stepped in.

“They said they were getting old. They’re in their 80s so I took over. And that was it, I try to keep the same philosophy, give back to the kids. A lot of kids are unfortunate they can't afford things. I try to give the same thing they gave me. Give back to the community, give back to the kids. It’s all about the kids,” Quiton said.

And he's giving it all. Quiton pays for gym costs out of pocket.

Kids who come to train aren't charged, and if they can't afford their equipment, he gives it to them.

It's part of a culture at the club where all the coaches volunteer for the kids.

“He really cares about people. Right now is our time to invest in these children and build them up. So it's our turn to give back,” Eric Alexander, coach and former Welterweight Champ said.

“My dad used to be the champion back in the day, so he's pretty good,” Bryson Quiton, professional boxer in training said.

Quiton's son Bryson, like so many others, are surrounded by a close community that helps each other out.

“Coach Rod put a lot of time and effort and sweat into this gym just to keep it open for the kids to come and train and keep them off the street and be competitive,” Lisa Ha, former USA boxing athlete said.

Ha is a world champion title holder, a national medalist and made it to the London Olympic trials. She remembers meeting Coach Rod for the first time.

“I remember the first day that I met him. I didn't know who he was but he came up to me and said I’ll buy everything you have on this table,” Ha said. “When I was competing for the Olympic qualifying trials and every single nationals, Coach Rod was 1000 percent behind me."

“I call it triple D's - discipline, dedication and desire. If you do something from your heart and you work hard it's going to show,” Quiton said.

“Push hard, persevere, never give up. He just give s me a lot of information to help me fight and stuff,” Bryson said.

Congratulations to Kakaako Boxing Club's Coach Rod Quiton, our Hawaii MVP this month.