HONOLULU - The U.S. Navy released a video of its recent rescue at sea. 

A pair of Hawaii women and their dogs were stuck on board their sailboat in the Pacific Ocean.

Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiaba found their boat's engine broken early on into their trip in May. 

The two decided to continue for Tahiti anyway. 

Two months later, they started sending out distress calls but were too far from shore for anyone to receive them.

That was three months ago. 

The U.S. Navy were on scene Tuesday and brought the sailors and their pups onto its ship, the USS Ashland.

Appel says "they saved our lives."

The Hawaii sailor says they survived by bringing more than years worth of food onboard and having water purifiers with them.

"It was pretty amazing that they were that far lost before they were found," Richard Bernard, Waikiki Yacht Club said. 

Bernard of the Waikiki Yacht Club says the rescue is nothing short of a miracle.

He wasn't surprised to hear that an engine problem happened onboard as he believes most boats in Hawaii are not ready to go offshore.

"If your boats maintain, usually there aren't that many problems. It's like one little problem will lead to a big problem and a whole bunch of problems so it's the little stuff that can go wrong that catapults into a catastrophe," Bernard said. 

Meanwhile, sailing experts tell Island News a Hawaii to Tahiti sail takes roughly 21 days to complete and is a relatively easy trip.

A Navy Spokesperson says the two Hawaii residents and their dogs are safe Thursday evening on the Navy's ship. 

They are heading to a port in Japan with the Navy on the USS Ashland.