One fire investigation is over, but another one is just beginning. 
 It is a second chance at finding the cause of the fatal Marco Polo building fire. 

Outside the Marco Polo building, crews are busy repairing the damage from this summer's deadly fire.
While inside, experts gathered for a joint scene examination.    

"A joint scene examination allows all the parties: the plaintiffs who might have claims, the insurers who might defend claims, and the manufacturers who might also face claims a chance to all come together and have the opportunity to look at the evidence," said David Louie, an attorney for the Marco Polo Association.

So far, there has just been one lawsuit filed. But more are expected from Hawaii's deadliest high rise fire. 

"We do know there were several fatalities, which is unfortunate, and that some people reported smoke inhalation claims. We also know a lot of things burned up, so we can anticipate people might make claims," added Louie.

Apartments on the heavily damaged floors have been lock downed during the initial Honolulu Fire Department investigation, and will remain that way until the assessment is finished. 
But some residents will get a chance to look at the damaged units, by closed circuit video feeds, while experts look for clues.

"This is an opportunity for various people who have interests, claimants, defendants, insurers to come in a figure out what are the factors that went into the fire: the cause, the origin, the electrical system, and other things like that," stated Louie.

The initial HFD analysis was not able to determine a cause of the massive blaze that resulted in more than $100 million in damage and four deaths.
Unlike the fire department's investigation which lasted months, the joint scene examination is only expected to take two weeks.
While its findings may be a critical step, in the recovery and rebuilding process.

"It is important everyone gets the opportunity to look at the evidence. Then we can move forward to the repair of the building and then hopefully residents can get their lives back and move forward," said Louie.