Thursday is the last day for a federal grand jury that has been meeting for two years on a public corruption probe.  

It started with the theft of a mailbox from Police Chief Louis Kealoha's Kahala home.

Investigators have been looking into whether charges brought against the uncle of the chief's wife Katherine, were trumped up.

But the day ended with no arrests according to the Kealoha's attorney, Myles Breiner.

He called the raid on the Kealoha's home Wednesday an act of desperation.

"There were two search warrants, one for their condo and one for their home, I have not been able to reviewed the evidence list yet," Breiner said. "If they had a case, this case would have been charged a loong time ago. My clients are innocent and will ultimately be vindicated." 

Breiner notes the arrests made earlier this week were criminal complaints but not indictments. 

Federal authorities arrested other police officers, Derek Hahn, Bobby Nguyen and Gordon Shiraishi earlier this week.