Honolulu Police are increasing patrols in Waikiki after a recent string of crimes in the area.

Theres parts of Waikiki I wont go to anymore. Explained four-year resident of Waikiki, Verena Koch-Miller.

Several recent crimes have some residents rattled.

Recently, it seems its picked up and its very alarming. Said Robert Miller,  a Waikiki resident of 30 years.
Honolulu's crime rate is still considered pretty low, but recent attacks are hard to ignore.

Statistically, crime in Waikiki is actually down.  Its not up.  Whats happened is weve had a string of high profile cases that have kind of seized everyones attention. Explained President of Waikiki Improvement Association, Rick Egged.

A month ago, 22 year-old Maleko Remlinger was shot and killed outside a Waikiki club.  Earlier this month, a 21-year-old man was stabbed several times near Kalakaua Avenue and Lewers Street.  Within the past month and a half HPD says 57 assaults, 15 robberies, and nine sex crimes have been reported in Waikiki.

Police are trying to nip any crime outbreak in the bud.

Starting Tuesday, HPD says more bicycle officers will be shifting their schedules to work overnight. Theyll begin late night to early morning which is a proven prime time for crime in Waikiki.   

By November fourth, Waikiki's officials will also be joined by newly graduated officers.

Members of the Waikiki Neighborhood Board say they hope to see an increase in police pedestrian presence.

We want to see boots on the ground.  We want to see a police presence visible.  Not just reacting to crime, but actually preventing crimes by an actual police pedestrian presence. Said Jeff Merz.

Just seeing them with more of a presence around Waikiki, I think naturally keeps things more at bay.  People know that theyre being watched and they basically know that they have to behave.  So, I can only hope that it helps keep crime down. Said Koch-Miller.