Two men who allegedly lied repeatedly to federal prosecutors regarding the timeline of the accused mailbox theft appeared in court for the first time Monday afternoon.

Minh-Hung - or Bobby Nguyen and Gordon Shiraishi made their first appearance after being arrested Sunday.

The criminal complaint alleges Nguyen conspired with others to present false testimony and falsified evidence in connection with an investigation and trial.

The complaint against Shiraishi accuses him of obstruction of justice in connection with the same investigation and legal case.

The accused crime shows someone taking down a mailbox belonging to former police chief, Louis Kealoha and his wife, deputy city prosecutor Katherine Kealoha.

The Kealohas blamed Katherine's uncle Gerard Puana.

Puana's defense attorney says the Kealohas wanted to frame her uncle to get leverage over a legal dispute over money.

Gordon Shiraishi retired in March 2017 as a major with 33 years of service.

Officer Minh-Hung Nguyen has 11 years of service - his police powers were restricted earlier.

The judge released both men on a $50,000 unsecured bond. 

Their pretrial hearing is set for November 1.