Scroll through an Opera blog and it's not what you'd expect.

But it's 2017 and the Barihunks are all the rage.

Three of the sexy Opera Baritones are in Honolulu getting ready for opening night.

The Hawaii Opera Theater opens up its 2017, 2018 opera season with Carmen. 

Carmen will showcase Barihunks - Mathew, Darren, and Brian.

Hitting the right notes is their main job, hitting the gym isn't far behind.

"Especially for this role that I'm playing where I have to leap off of tables and I have to circle around and do so much through the crowd and I even have a fight scene. Then after the fight scene, I have some of the highest singing," Darren Stokes said. 

You'll visit the Barihunks blog for the shirtless singers but they hope you'll stay for their craft.

"It's like a boy band. The little girls love to see the boy band. You flip through this all of a sudden you come up on this website and you found all these good looking guys and you think to yourself, 'Hm, why don't I go see this?'" Stokes said. 

Barihunks has been around for over 10 years, the singers say it's flattering to receive the recognition. 

"We are all singers, we're all artists and we're all just trying to make it. And any help we can get I guess, it can't be bad," Brian James Myer, plays the "le dancaire" role, said. 

"You don't work out for people not to notice you correct? and it's always nice when someone gives you a compliment. As I think about it because I didn't have any affiliation with the group and so to find out that they have just now featured me...I'm honored by it,"  Stokes said. 

Carmen will run this Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday.