Kakaako Waterfront Park will be closed for clean-up and to clear out homeless campers.   
That is also the same park, where a state shelter was showcased for its high rate of success re-housing Hawaii's homeless residents. 

  It has been a year since a broken down storage shed at Kakaako Waterfront Park was turned into the Family Assessment Center. Now it is the state's shining example of rapidly rehousing Hawaii's homeless residents. 

"It has been very successful, with a 92% success rate with families finding permanent housing over the past year," said Terry Walsh with Catholic Charities

It took 35 of the 38 families, on average, just 82 days from intake to placement, which is less time than the state's 90 day requirement for shelters. 

"This Family Assessment Center is an example of what we believe works in moving people from being homeless to a permanent situation," said Hawaii Governor David Ige.

It also shows the shift away from the traditional role of state shelters.

"It was not unusual to have a shelter and have people move into a shelter and live there year after year," added Ige. 

Instead the state's focus is rapid rehousing of Hawaii's homeless.

"We're looking at how quickly can you move people through shelters. How can we increase the percentage of people going into permanent housing? Once you get them into housing, how do you focus on them maintaining housing over time?" according to State Housing Coordinator Scott Morishige.

While the Kakaako center has helped dozens of families get off the streets, many homeless residents still camp next to it, at Kakaako Waterfront Park.
Starting Sunday night, homeless residents will be cleared out so crews can fix the damage they've caused.

"Making repairs to live wires that may be exposed, or areas of the park that need intensive repair," stated Morishige.

While the campers will be cleared out, the state is making room for them at shelters and with additional housing. Another 1800 units are under construction in Kakaako.
"We want to make sure to keep public spaces public, and work with those who are homeless to make sure they know there are services available. So they can move from a state of homelessness to a state of housing," added Ige.
After several Kakaako parks are cleaned up, the Nimitz Viaduct will be the next area cleared 
But before that happens, the state will hire more staff in the sheriff's department, which will handle homeless enforcement.