Hawaii's medical marijuana industry is budding. 

Oahu's second dispensary is set to open within weeks.

A first look inside Noa Botanicals on Young Street. The dispensary, previously known as Manoa Botanicals, held an open house Friday for the public to learn about medical marijuana and the products that will soon be available. 

Unlike marijuana sold on the street, medical marijuana is required to lab-tested. 

Patients who hold a 329 card can buy four to six strains of dried flower in October. 

Soon after, Noa Botanicals will sell the state's first cannabis oils and concentrates. 

"We expect the market is going to grow more people, as they see that it's a safe place to buy lab-tested cannabis, that more people will get their 329 card. Like you said, there's about 6,000 patients and we expect that to grow to 20,000-25,000 in the next few years," Brian Goldstein, CEO and Founder of Noa Botanical said. 

The Department of Health issues around 1,200 medical cannabis cards each month. 

On Maui, Pono Life Sciences was just issued a formal notice to proceed by the Hawaii Department of Health.

They are the third licensed medical cannabis dispensary to receive approval to sell medical cannabis statewide and the second on Maui.