Pali Lanes has been a fixture in Kailua for decades, but the town's commercial core has undergone a major facelift in recent years. With new development, rumors are once again circulating that one of the few remaining bowling alleys on Oahu may be closing.

"There is so much change.. I mean I don't love it but change is global," Kailua resident Debbi Kerner said.

Much of the town has already been redeveloped, including Merchant's Row along Hekili Street. Currently, the Lau Hala Shops are being built where Macy's used to be, and are expected to be complete by the end of this year. All the changes have some people wondering if the land under the lanes is about to be re-developed.

The owner of Pali Lanes told Island News, so far, he hasn't heard of any plans to close the bowling alley. 

"I heard they don't have any plans over here until they finish with the Macy's," Pali Lanes co-owner, Daniel Sylva added. "But it's up in the air right now."

Alexander and Baldwin owns a lot of Kailua town, including the land under the Pali Lanes. A company spokesperson told Island News there are no plans to get rid of the bowling alley, at least not now.

"The bowling alley has been on a month-to-month lease, and we have been looking at that area as well as the rest of the commercial district in Kailua. We haven't settled on any specific plans yet," Pai said.

A&B says it is considering several options for the town's commercial district, and will continue to consult with tenants and the community on future development plans.