A one sided shouting match caught on camera.

New video shows a parent laying into Kaiser High School's head football coach.

"Why don't you be a (explicit) man. You want to (explicit) smile because I will (explicit) baptize you," the parent said in the video.

The incident happened Monday - just one day before the school decided to cancel the remainder of the varsity football season.

The parent in the video has a temporary restraining order filed against him.

Head Coach Arnold Martinez filed it the very next day, Martinez also filed a TRO against another individual on September 14.

The Department of Education stated it can't comment on pending or potential litigation.

Kaiser's principal Justin Mew said his student's safety was at the heart of the school's decision.

Meanwhile, the Honolulu Police Department has opened second-degree assault and first-degree terroristic threatening cases.  

The investigation is ongoing.