Honolulu police say they're stepping up enforcement of gambling laws in Hawaii.

More raids can be expected at suspected gaming rooms in the coming weeks.

Earlier this month, police seized gaming devices from Yuen's Market and Liquor in Nanakuli.

The store manager there was arrested.

According to police, there are as many as 100 illegal game rooms on Oahu at any given time.

"Game rooms affect people of all ages and social economic levels. We sometimes hear people say that gambling is harmless form of entertainment, however we know that game rooms are often the hubs of illegal activity such as drug dealing, robberies, assaults and homicides have been associated with game rooms," Major Larry Lawson in HPD's criminal investigation division said. 

Since August, police arrested 35 people on gambling related charges.

The raids have been focused in urban Honolulu between Kalihi and Waialae, but police tell Island News, they'll target gambling parlors island wide.