Two Big Island school bus drivers have been placed on leave, after two school buses filled with children crashed into one another on Wednesday. Both drivers failed to immediately report the accident to police. Now the Hawaii Department of Education's Student Transportation Services Branch says they are investigating the incident.

"I don't think standard operating procedures were followed.. as far as an accident. Police should've been on scene, made a report.. paramedics probably should've been dispatched to the point to make sure kids were okay." said parent Chris Gonzales. Gonzales' daughter was on board one of the buses involved.

The incident happened Wednesday afternoon. Initial reports say one school bus rear-ended the other, as the front bus came to a stop on Queen Kaahumanu Highway near Hualalai.

The DOE says there were about 25 passengers on each bus. No major injuries were reported. 

According to the DOE, the drivers from Roberts Hawaii did not contact police until about two hours after the incident, which upset some parents.  

"It's upsetting.. Letting the kids leave without some first responder checking them.. or at least the police there themselves.. It's really just disturbed me so much," parent, Patrick Lambert added. 

DOE says standard procedure is for school bus drivers to notify police of any such incidents with passengers on-board. 

The two drivers have been placed on leave until the investigation is complete, according to DOE. Both will be tested for illicit drugs, which is standard procedure for commercial drivers. 

Island News tried to contact Roberts Hawaii, but haven't received a reply.