A member of the Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame, Linda Kaiser has conquered the islands waters like no other woman.

"She's done every channel in the state, which no one else has done. She's done 30 IRON MAN [competitions] and she's done the Tinman for 35 years," Kaiser
s friend Laurie Foster said.

That endless list of accomplishments now has another hurdle - battling stage four cancer.
A time where she needs that fighting spirit like no other time in her life.

"I think that's why a lot of us have confidence and faith that she's going to somehow get through this because of the endurance events that she has tackled in her life,
Foster said

Laurie Foster and Sui-Lan Ellsworth have swam with Kaiser for years.
Six-years ago their swim club held a fundraiser for a member in need - its success has made it a tradition.
"She came by a wheel chair but she said that all the people waiting for her and clapping, having the event for her was such a morale booster,
Ellsworth said.

Now it's Kaiser who needs help.

A pool cleaner by trade, her revenue stream has dried up while her hospital bills continue to mount.

"She was taught by her dad never to ask for help because you're strong enough,
Foster said. She doesn't like it but she's taking it now."

s will may have bent, but friends are quickly reminded of the determination that lay deep inside.

"The classic example was she was swimming the Molokai channel and she ingested a jellyfish, so she had to be pulled out,
Foster said. The next week she got back over to Molokai and swam it by herself which is so, it's like, really Linda?"

If you would like to help Linda Kaiser as she battles cancer, you can donate to https://www.gofundme.com/LINDAKAISER. ?