. - Surprise! A Kardashian Changes Her Mind

The $4.5 million Hidden Hills home that Kylie Jenner bought this past summer turns out to be unnecessary baggage. Or, something nearly as expedient as a Snapchat post.

The littlest Kardashian kid has now decided she doesn't want the 4-bedroom home. It's back on the market with a "slight" upcharge: $5.5 million is what she seeks for the sprawling abode decked out with custom woodwork and an enchanting outdoor pool.

A person would almost need a celebrity homes road map to keep up with Kylie Jenner, let alone all the other real estate wheeling and dealing amongst reality TV's first family. ut this isn't the first and it won't be the last home purchase or sale for Kylie Jenner. She bought another $12 million in Hidden Hills this year, too.

Between Malibu, Calabasas and Hidden Hills, the Kardashian-Jenner clan is keeping doing their part to steam up Los Angeles' hot real estate market.

The Happiest Palm Springs Home For Sale

It's not the Magic Kingdom, but for anyone who appreciates a mid-century modern home that typifies the style and mood of Palm Springs, this whimsical home is the one for you.

Walt Disney's 1962-era home is for sale for $899,000. The exterior shows off the clean lines of the era, but the interior color scheme is more Technicolor than sonoran. The new owners did their part to uphold the interior design and motifs employed by Disney and his wife, Lillian, who lived there in their latter years.

If there was any mistaking the original owners of this desert oasis: A Pinocchio poster hangs in a bedroom.

Leo Awarded $2.24M For His Modest L.A. Ranch

With an Oscar to his credit now, Leonardo DiCaprio continues to churn through his real estate holdings. The globe-trotting star collected just a hair under his $2.4 million list price for the 3,400-square-foot home in Studio City.

Meanwhile, Leo has trimmed $1M from the list price on his Malibu beachfront home down to $9.95M. All of this real estate news comes just a few days after DiCaprio took a $2M loss on a 3-bedroom condo in Manhattan's Greenwich Village.

The five-time Academy Award-nominated actor and one-time winner ("The Revenant") originally purchased the 3,663 square foot Greenwich Village condo in May of 2014 for $10M. Leo recouped $8 million in the sale. He still owns four other NYC residences, including a spread at the green-living Riverhouse in Battery City Park.