HONOLULU -  A bill that would establish a special entity to manage parking and traffic in Waikiki will go before the full Honolulu City Council for a final vote.

The council's committee on zoning and housing discussed the bill Thursday, that would allow a special district association to regulate and control transportation issues in Waikiki.

The association would work with area businesses and residents to establish parking zones and set parking fees in the tourist hot spot.

Those who support the bill say it would help alleviate traffic for those who live and work in the area.

"It's pretty clear that this is an effort of all the major stakeholders to get a better handle on our curb management. Waikiki is a fortunately busy area and we know it's going to benefit from better management in the future," Rick Egged with the Waikiki Management Association said.

Members of the City Council expressed their optimism for the bill, saying if successful, it could lead to other districts creating associations to handle traffic and parking issues in their own communities.