Honolulu massage therapist Charisma Koffman, LMT introduces a new type of bodywork – unique in the world – called Sarga BodyworkTM, which puts a new spin on an ancient technique. It’s a barefoot massage, but it differs from all other kinds of techniques in that it incorporates a silk cloth to let the therapist provide deeper pressure and a stronger connection to the client.

It’s performed by wrapping the cloth around the massage table and the therapist’s neck, shoulders, and arms. The tension from that bind gives the therapist stability, which allows more specific targeting of the muscles. Furthermore, pulling up on the cloth creates tension that translates to deeper pressure. The cloth replaces what normally would be overhead bars for support.

State of Hawaii licensed massage therapists Jivatma Massageur and Daniel Tsukayama developed Sarga BodyworkTM and offered their first teacher training course in the spring.

The word sarga can mean a type of tapestry in Spanish, but also has Sanskrit roots as well; in that language, it refers to a creation. “This is deeply meaningful to me as a therapist because I use Sarga BodyworkTM to create a healing energy for my client. There is normally an exchange of energy between therapist and client, and here, it’s amplified because the sarga literally wraps us together,” says Koffman.

Koffman is one of only a dozen certified Sarga BodyworkTM providers in the world. The technique is so new, its founders only began offering courses this year. Koffman offers Sarga BodyworkTM to clients in Kaimuki at BAM Body and Mind Studio.

More on Charisma Koffman at http://www.bambodyandmind.com.html.