HONOLULU - Twenty six stories up. Island News got a first look inside the Honolulu high rise that was on fire for nearly 10 hours.

The walls, charred.

The floor, soaked. 

Outside, water still falling from the apartment above.

Lines downstairs backing up, to get back in the building with just one elevator operating to a selection of floors.

Others climbed more than 30 flights of stairs.

Once inside, darkness and the sound of smoke alarms.

One family from Washington State is getting used to the noise after just being let back in the building.

"This is the master bedroom all turned black up there," Angie "Unchalee" Novey, owner of a 29th floor apartment said. 

Novey says she bought this unit as a dream investment. She just flew in to celebrate her anniversary.

Her apartment is now stained with the smell of smoke and she's left wondering, what's next.

"I have no idea, I totally lost, my husband just feel like we just lost all our savings," Novey said. 

Novey admits, she's lucky.

She and her family changed their plans and left their apartment just before the inferno took over.

Others weren't as fortunate.

Back on the 26th floor, the haunting fact that three people died there, including the owners of the unit.