Three national rail experts are in town for a public event Friday night.

Salvage the Rail is a group of planners and architects who believe the city can complete the downtown segment within the existing budget.
They support bring the system to street level rather than going with a guide way overhead.
 Among the panelists is a light rail and urban transit expert who saw the
guideway for the first time yesterday
 Vukan Vuchic notes that nowhere else in the world are they building an aerial structure in downtown.
 He believes its not too late for Honolulu to reverse its

"It is never too late to stop going in the wrong direction. You cannot find that as an excuse I have seen that in other cities, this is wrong, but its too late. Its not too late, said Vuchic.

Vuchic believes Honolulu needs transit to make it more livable.              
joining Vuchic on the panel will be a former HART consultant.
Doug Tilden has said his advice to go at grade with a light rail system was ignored.
Friday’s public forum will be at the State Capitol auditorium and will run from 4 to 6 pm.