HONOLULU - He was homegrown and highly decorated.

Sgt Ikaika Kang had been trained as an air traffic controller and was one of the army's highly trained combat instructors.

But the Army called in the FBI, after growing increasingly concerned about Kang’s behavior.

There were increasing threats of violence and at the time of his arrest, Kang had firearms in his possession, as well as classified documents he planned to share with ISIS.

“On Sat July 8, the FBI swat team arrested Ikaika Kang for material support to terrorism," said FBI Special Agent Paul Delacourt.

According to the complaint, just last week Kang met with someone who he thought was a member of ISIS They sat for several hours watching ISIS videos including one that Kang said was his favorite. It showed a beheading.

"The complaint alleges that the material support included providing military documents to persons he believed he would pass them to ISIS being involved in the purchase a drone and providing combative training to an individual whom he believed was affiliated with ISIS, in addition, Kang pledged "bayat" that is he made a loyalty pledge to ISIS," Paul Delacourt, FBI Special Agent said.

Kang's court appointed lawyer couldn’t shed any light on Kang’s state of mind as he faces these serious charges.

“I know very little I just met with Sgt. Kang. While I was talking with him I was handed the complaint. That's all I know right now," said Birney Bervar.

Kang had served in Iraq in 2010 and in Afghanistan in 2013.

Court documents say Kang had become increasing radicalized only recently after researching religion on You Tube.

Agents say they found 18 classified documents they believe he stole while serving at Hickam.

Kang is to appear in court Thursday, July 13 for a detention hearing.

A preliminary hearing is set for July 24th.