HONOLULU - Wooden palettes, cracked glass and what looks like a leftover needle cover are some of what you'll find scattered along a stretch of sidewalk in Iwilei. 

State Sheriffs will conduct a homeless sweep of the area off Nimitz Highway Tuesday. 

A Honolulu Police officer was on hand Monday morning to help clear objects spilling on to the highway. Our KITV crew did not see any occupants in the structures.  

Last Friday, the State Department of Transportation posted warnings to homeless ahead of the upcoming sweep.      
Further down the road, a former long line fisherman is breathing a sigh of relief. 

Duc Vo's makeshift home under the River Street Bridge doesn't fall into the sweep zone. 

He says heart problems kept him from holding a job and has lived in the suspended structure for the past 10 years. He tells KITV, he chooses against living directly on the street.  

"They stole all my wallet, I got hard time to get my paper back so I don't like sleep on the sidewalk. Don't bother nobody, you just go sleep, I just need a place for sleep, you know," Vo said. 

He said the homeless population along Nimitz has grown right before his eyes. 

"Before only me on Nimitz, now they all over, they just make rubbish," Vo said. 

Tuesday's homeless sweep isn't the only enforcement planned in Iwilei, Honolulu Police will also begin implementing new sit-lie zones. Those zones include Iwilei Road, Sumner, Kuwili and Pine Streets.