In Wednesday's Honolulu City Council meeting, the council approved a bill for a one-time increase on city bus fares.

City Council members say the price hike is needed because a city policy requires between 27% and 33 % of it's revenue come from bus fares.  The increase would help recover more funds.
Starting January 1, 2018, an adult one-way fare will increase from $2.50 to $2.75.  
Adult monthly passes with go from $60 to $70  

Senior Citizens will also see higher prices, a yearly pass good for two years, will go from $60 to $70.

A bill that would make it illegal to "look" down at a mobile-device while in a crosswalk is still on the table.

City Council member Trevor Ozawa motioned to amend the current measure Wednesday.

Ozawa also wants the bill to include making it off-limits to use video devices such as video cameras and all audio devices while walking in a crosswalk.

The other amendment is to have fines range from $15 to no higher than $100 per violation, compared to the $500 maximum that was being proposed. 

Council member Brandon Elefante who introduced the bill, says from 2010 to 2014, Hawaii ranked 13th in the nation as the most dangerous state for pedestrians. 

The bill will be up for a final vote in July.

The City Council voted Wednesday to send the bill that would ban plastic bags on Oahu back to committee for further evaluation.

Many who supported the ban testified in Wednesday's meeting urging the city to pass a bill that would ban all plastic bags on Oahu by 2020.