Hawaii bids Aloha to a music industry icon.

Slack key guitarist, vocalist and musician Martin Pahinui died in his home Sunday morning after a long battle with cancer, according to family.

"I was with him yesterday, and I held onto his hands I realized.. wow.. what a gifted individual.. with these hands he did a lot of beautiful music.. he shared with people just like his father," Pahinui's nephew, Kunia Galdeira said.

Pahinui is the son of Hawaiian music legend Gabby Pahinui.

A man of many talents he played the bass, guitar and slack key,  but his family says it was always his voice that stole the spotlight.

"He just had this killer voice. His voice is probably what I'm going to miss the most about him," said fellow guitarist Sonny Lim.

The renowned slack-key player, performed and recorded with top artist, including his father, in the Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band,The Peter Moon Band, The Pahinui Brothers and Hui Aloha. He also recorded as a solo artist with Mountain Apple Company and Dancing Cat labels.

Pahinui recently appeared in KITV's Summer Kanikapila segment with longtime friends Aaron Mahi and George Kuo.

"He played not only Hawaiian music, he played everything else from Rock 'n' roll to funk. He was a big fan of the Beatles and still his love for Hawaiian music was just amazing," said fellow guitarist Sonny Lim. "He was the most humblest, most friendly Hawaiian man you've ever known. He was really gentle in his ways."

A gentle soul with a big voice, Pahinui now lives on through his music.

"We have something that we have to continue to do-- and that's to share this music, share his music" Galdeira said.

"Now the Kuleana kind of rest on us to ensure that it's carried on," Lim added. 

Pahinui is survived by wife Ruth, sons Gabby and Kale, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, and the many musician family members he touched over the years.