HONOLULU - They say a photo is worth a thousands words.  One viral photo captures a connection and moment of mourning between a Hawaii girl and a Pearl Harbor survivor.

In the photo, Pearl Harbor survivor Larry Parry wipes away tears standing at the grave of a fallen comrade.  Alongside him, 10-year-old Lucianna Snyder.

"I just thought it was so amazing to see those men who survived that fateful day, and I thought about how sad it must have been to watch their friends die instead of them," said Snyder.

Lucianna was with a group of children who accompanied veterans to Punchbowl cemetery last December.  Photographer John Riedy took the picture.

"The two of them went and placed a couple of American flags there and that's when Larry broke down again and so did Lucianna," said Riedy.

Riedy takes photographs for the Greatest Generations Foundation.  It honors U.S. vets and connects them with younger generations.  According to the foundation, the image of Lucianna and Parry is an internet sensation that's has been seen by more than 11 million people.

It shows a sweet gesture of kindness that helped Lucianna earn the title of Lei Day queen at Navy Hale Keiki School.

Lucianna's principal says she embodies the school motto -- to be respectful, responsible, caring and kind.

"At the moment that picture was taken, afterwards, I was talking to her because she was pretty upset. And I said, what happened, are you okay? She said, 'I just get it, I understand.' So, for our kids to be able to understand the legacy of the Greatest Generation because they understand the sacrifices that were made," said Principal Monique Radeuziner.

When asked if this is a moment that she'll remember forever, Snyder said, "Yes, very much."

"When this generation of men is gone, when they're gone, she will be able to go on and tell the story of who she met and what he was like and what he sacrificed and the stories that they shared that day. So I think that image captures that moment of connection," said Reidy.