HONOLULU - A vote on a bill that would require businesses in Honolulu County to charge 10-cents for plastic bags is delayed until June.

The bill was amended Wednesday evening at the Honolulu City Council meeting.

The amendment introduced by Councilman Brandon Elefante sets a date to completely phase out plastic bags.

Under the amendment, after January 1, 2020, plastic bags by law, will no longer be considered reusable bags.

Some businesses, like Times Supermarket-- are against eliminating the use of thicker plastic bags.

“It creates more flexibility, and those bags are intended to be reused,” said Melissa Paviclek, during her testimony on behalf of Times Supermarket.

Environmental groups applaud the change.

"Plastic is absolutely a detrimental issue to our society right now, it is polluting our environment horribly," said Rafael Bergstrom, with the Surfrider Foundation.

The council will take up the bill again at a meeting next month.