HONOLULU - State lawmakers passed a resolution to help protect immigrants in Hawaii.

House Resolution 76 asks local law enforcement to not execute an immigration arrest unless they have a warrant from the federal government.     

State Representative, Joy San Buenaventura says the bill is not a sanctuary city resolution.

It requests Hawaii to avoid using state or county funds to work with federal agencies that deport undocumented immigrants who have not been convicted of committing a violent crime.   

"There is nothing in the resolution that stops immigration authorities from doing their job, we're just saying state and county law enforcement do their job to apply and enforce state and county law and let the federal officials do their job, and lets not do their job for them,” San Buenaventura said.

According to ICE, there about 1600 removal cases being monitored in the islands.     

Most involve people who were placed in removal proceedings after their asylum applications were denied by U.S. Citizenship and immigration services.