HONOLULU - Holding child care providers accountable.

Lawmakers are preparing to take a final vote on a bill to do that.
Earlier this week, a conference committee gave the nod to a bill to protect the most vulnerable infant and toddlers.
The bill requires state licensed child care operators to carry liability insurance.
The bill is named for little Wiley Kaikou Muir who died in his first week at a baby sitters.
His family is grateful others will have future recourse.
But they fear a companion bill SB 511 which require online inspection reports for licensed facilities may not advance.
They say that bill may save lives by red flagging unsafe situations.

"Right now, we know there is a black box in getting that information to the public. We want to be able to prevent such an injury, a tragic heartbreaking injury from ever occuring to their family or children," Cynthia King, mother of Wiley Kaikou Muir said. 

The bill asks for $80,000 to launch the online reporting to give families access with information.
Muir says it's a small price to pay to keep children safe.