HONOLULU - The fiancé of a Waikiki call girl murdered in a hotel room spoke exclusively with KITV on Tuesday.

"She had a lot of life in her. She didn't just die somebody had to stop her from living," said Angel DeAngelo.

Angel DeAngelo admits his fiancée, Ashley Brandeberry, sold sex for a living but didn't deserve to die. Court documents show the 29-year-old was arrested twice this year for prostitution. She pleaded no contest on one charge and was awaiting trial for the other.

To her husband-to-be, Brandeberry was a soulmate -- one who didn't deserve to be found bruised and lifeless in a room at Hilton Waikiki Beach last Friday.

Her alleged killer is 42-year-old Jeremy Henderson. DeAngelo knows of him.  He said Henderson was vacationing with his family in Hawaii and seeking Brandeberry's services at the same time.

He hired her more than once.

DeAngelo said Brandeberry also checked in by phone while they were partying at a karaoke bar.

"She called me and said she was having a great time and they were karaoke-ing and he signed her up for three more songs and this guy is fun...he's crazy," he recalled.

Henderson is scheduled to be in court on Wednesday, DeAngelo said he doesn't plan to be there to see the man accused of killing his best friend.

"I have no hate in my heart. I don't care what happens to him, it don't matter to me. He has to answer to that. God gave her a life. He had no right to take that away that's between him and God," said DeAngelo.