HONOLULU - Neighbors said they've regularly spotted suspected killer Yu Wei Gong around his Waikiki apartment building.  But the same could not be said for Gong's mother, Liu Yun Gong, who lived in the same apartment as her son.

She stopped coming into work months ago according to her employer, while neighbors say it has been weeks, maybe even months, since they last saw the woman around.

Aloha Waikiki apartments has a casual friendly atmosphere according to those who live here.

"People go in and out and we say hi and bye, and smile at strangers. But never something you'd expect to be dangerous or that extreme," said Aloha Waikiki resident Jan Johannes.

Now a hush has fallen over the building, after the remains of a woman were brought out of the sixth floor apartment.

"It's a quiet building, so it is surprising that thing happened," said resident Ken Manglay.

One resident said a prayer and burned incense for the victim, who is believed to be Liu Yin Gong, the mother of the suspect.

"I was horrified and then as a mother with a son, it makes me sad for her," said Waikiki resident Patty Glaser.

Neighbors said it has been a while since they saw Gong walk to work in Waikiki as a licensed massage therapist.

For several years, she worked at Rua Momi Massage on Kuhio Avenue, where her former co-workers said she was nice and a hard worker.

Gong, most recently worked at the Spa Royal Hawaiian in August of last year. 
The owner, who didn't want to speak on camera, said Gong was known as Anna and worked on-call there, reporting to the Spa after getting a text.

After several years of employment, Gong suddenly stopped answering her phone and texts.
When the owner kept calling, Gong's son reportedly answered the phone and told her his mom went to the neighbor islands and would be gone for months.

Her former employer said the one thing that stood out about the Waikiki mom, was she was proud of her son -- Yu Wei Gong.

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